The A1179/A1257 (A1179 has measuring ranges 20A/200A2000A, A1257 has measuring ranges 30A/300/3000A) Flexible Current Clamps consist of three flexible sensors and an electronic module.

The A1395 has measuring ranges 30A/300/3000A and two flexible sensors and an electronic module.
A current measurement can be carried out on the two/three phases simultaneously, with a suitable output voltage for the Measuring ANALYZER / Multimeter. The flexible sensor permits measurements on conductors where standard clamp-on current transformers can not be used. It is particularly useful for installation in tight spaces, or around breaker panels, cable bundles, wide or large bus bars and irregular shapes. Unlike standard current transformers, this flexible CP does not use magnetic cores. The transformation principle is based on an air core. It presents virtually no load to the system under test, has a low phase shift and excellent frequency response.
The electronic module can detect if the measured current amplitude is too big for the selected range (crest factor of the amplifier is 3.0). This overrange detection is indicated by a blinking range LED diode for currently selected range. If the overrange current was detected but is not currently present, the user can reset the blinking Range LED by pressing the key. If the overrange is present also when the key is pressed, the range will be changed to the less sensitive range.

The electronic module has low battery indication as well.
Additionally, A1179/A1257/A1395 cannot be damaged by overloads. The A1179/A1257/A1395 Flexible Current Clamps are insensitive to DC current and measure only the AC component of the measured signal.

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