M140 Multifunction Calibrator 35ppm

M140 Multifunction Calibrator 35ppm


Model M-140 is a bus compatible
multifunction calibrator for precise generation of electric
units. It is mainly designed for calibration by
manufacturers of electronic instrumentation. It also finds
its application at laboratories, design and service
departments as well as at institutions that have to
frequently calibrate their equipment in accordance with
their internal quality certification system.
Compared with standard calibrators, the model
M-140 represents a new concept of multifunctional
calibrators, which generate not only the standard electric
parameters but also parameters for temperature and
energy applications. Apart from this, the calibrator
generates non-harmonic signals for the testing of
equipment with non-zero distortion input signals. The
signals can be generated with variable frequency,
amplitude and pulse-width ratio. The simulation of DIN
thermocouples and RTD sensors is provided. M-140 is a
high accuracy and high stability instrument with easy
operation, which can be used for the calibration of
multimeters, analog instruments, panelmeters, clamp
ammeters, hand calibrators, wattmeters, electrometers,
oscilloscopes, thermometers, dataloggers, X-Y recorders,
etc. A built-in multimeter function can be utilised for
simultaneous testing/calibration of transmitters,
regulators and other controllers without the need of using
supporting equipment.

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