Digital Multimeter


Manufacturer: GW instek

The GDM-8261A is a high precision 6 ½ digit Digital Multimeter with dual measurement displays, 11 measurement functions and 10 math functions at high accuracy (35ppm DC voltage accuracy


Manufacturer: GW instek

GW Instek משיקה סדרת GDM-906X מולטימטר כפול וחצי ספרות בגודל 6 ספרות (2 דגמים: GDM-9061 ו- GDM-9060)


Manufacturer: HIOKI

World’s Premier Digital Multimeter! Superior Accuracy and High Response, Topped with Safety Terminal Shutters


Manufacturer: Chauvin Arnoux

CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V Key Features • 100000 count, 6.5-digit display, high-resolution measurements • ±0.020% DC V basic accuracy, wide 2DC to 200 kHz AC V frequency characteristics