DC Power Supplies


Manufacturer: GW instek

Programmed laboratory power supply with the option of connecting front or rear load voltage ranges: 0-40 / 0-160 with outputs of 400W or 800W


Manufacturer: GW instek

Linear laboratory power supply, with 1-4 channels Voltage range 0-32V Current range 0-3A / 0-6A

Bidirectional DC-Laboratory Power Supplies

Manufacturer: EA
Elektro Automatik

FRom 2.5KW to 30KW at 4U size Bidirectional DC power supplies + Electronic load + battery simulation in one 4U box


Manufacturer: GW instek

PSU series cover a voltage range from 6V to 600V.


Manufacturer: GW instek

The PFR-100 series, a small and high-performance programmable D.C. power supply, adopts natural convection design to dissipate heat

Sorensen SGX Series

Manufacturer: AMETEK

5kW-30kW high performance programmable DC power supply with intuitive touch screen controls.