Compact AC DC power source



California Instruments ‘i / iX series of compact power supplies, manufactured under the auspices of California Instruemnts’ AMETEK Programmable Power, is a leading provider of compact power supplies, beyond the possibility of controlling voltage, frequency, and current. .

This tool allows the development engineer to accurately simulate the signal that the developed product will receive, and thus properly plan the input voltage input, model 2253iX, the same control can be performed but for each of the three phases independently. As part of the vendor is provided unique software, which creates interruptions , Either on a voltage or frequency basis, at the push of a button, a unit for storing data at the output of the supplier can be activated, thus obtaining the measurement data accurately without the need for any additional measuring tools.

All data will be saved in the folder you choose, and in a simple and fast way, you can check if the measurements match the development expectations, of course you can perform another variety of actions in a simple way, we will be happy to answer any further questions.


compact-ac-dc-power-source-compact ix_i