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The Isotech Hydra range of calibration baths have proved very successful since their introduction in 2003. The Orion range has been introduced to fit alongside the Hydra models.

The Orion calibration baths offer deeper calibration volumes than the Isotech Hydra series with world class temperature stability. There is a high temperature model (30°C to 300°C) and a model with built in refrigeration (-40°C to 125°C).

These deep stirred liquid baths are suitable for the low uncertainty calibration of long thermometers including liquid in glass and extended length SPRTS.

The Orion unit has sufficient depth, 470mm (18.5”), to accommodate Isotech’s largest Water Triple Point Cells providing a cost effective sub mK calibration system. There are accessories to hold Mercury, Water, Gallium and Indium ITS-90 Fixed Point Cells.

Isotech baths have always been designed for thermometer calibration, setting the standard for immersion depth versus filling costs. As the Orion requires just 8.5L of fluid it offers significant cost savings, both initial and the on going running costs, when compared to other larger volume baths.

In operation the liquid level is within 10mm of the top lid allowing calibration of liquid in glass thermometers without the need for complicated accessories.

In addition to using a monocular to aid reading the scale I-Cal Easy automatic calibration software can capture images with low cost digital webcams.

The Isotech Orion range provides many features that laboratories need but which other manufacturers often cannot supply.


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