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The C.A 745N voltage and continuity tester is equipped with an LCD screen to display the different thresholds in bargraph form. It is compact and specially designed for comfortable handling.
The test probes are removable and easy to replace. They are stowed in a compartment built into the instrument.
The C.A 745N can test AC and DC voltage up to 690 V, with automatic AC or DC detection. It displays the resistance value on 3 thresholds and also offers audible continuity testing. The In addition, the C.A 745N can be used for single-pole phase testing. With the C.A 745N, there is no risk of tripping high-sensitivity RCDs when performing a phase/earth test.

It offers a battery life of 150 operating hours with alkaline batteries.

•   Battery status check
•   Single-pole phase test
•   AC and DC voltage test (7 thresholds) with automatic AC or DC detection
•   Resistance (3 thresholds) with audible and visual alarm if a voltage is present
•   Audible continuity
•   600 V CAT III

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C.A 745N
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