GDS-3000 Oscilliscope Series 150MHz – 500MHz, 5GSa/s 2018-05-15T16:15:39+00:00

GDS-3000 Oscilliscope Series 150MHz – 500MHz, 5GSa/s


New platform of 4-input channels, 500MHz bandwidth, 5GSa/s sampling rate, and VPO waveform display. The split screen feature has been designed to meet the requirements of multi-window & multi-signal tests in the research and the manufacturing fields. The optional power analysis software and the optional serial bus analysis software are available to facilitate the engineer's tasks in testing and manufacturing of the associated products.

Three new differential probes, GDP-025, GDP-050 & GDP-100, and two new current probes, GCP-005 ,GCP-020 ,GCP-100 and GCP-530 & GCP-1030, are coming along with the GDS-3000 Series to provide total solutions for a wide variety of applications in the industry, service and education market sectors. The GDS-3000 Series, a high-tech platform carrying thoughtful features, brings very high customer value to both general purpose market and professional market.

 * 500/350/250/150MHz with 2/4 Channels
* 5GSa/s RT or 100GSa/s ET Sampling Rate
* Independent Memory for Each Channel
* VPO Technology
* Large 8-inch 800×600 Display
* Split Screen Function
* 3 Built-in Impedances (50Ω/75Ω/1MΩ)
* Power Analysis Software (Optional)
* Serial Bus Analysis Software for I2C, SPI and UART (Optional)

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GDS-3000 Oscilliscope Series PDF
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