CWS 500N2.3

CWS 500N2.3



Bulk Current Injection (BCI) is a test procedure to proof the immunity to electrical disturbances with narrowband electromagnetic energy. The test signal is injected by means of a current injection probe physically being a current transformer laid around the wiring harness. Immunity tests are performed varying the level and the frequency of the injected test signal. The BCI test methode is widely known in the military/aircraft and the automotive industry to test single components of a complex system.
The CWS 500N2.3 is designed to be used for tests as per MIL STD 461 D/E/F/G CS 114, ISO 11452-4 and IEC/EN 61000-4-6 with CDNs and EM clamps and related standards.

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CWS 500N2.3
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